Rerouting Cables When Rearranging Office Space



As networks change in response to increasing customer demands, transmission equipment grows in complexity and sophistication. We partner with some highly established engineering firms, like GW, and provide installers that has in-depth knowledge of current standard configurations. The people we contract make it a point to be up to date with the latest technologies and applications.


We provide search support services for your technical and technological needs. all we need are the specifications to ensure that the appliance, equipment, information technology accessory or communication link you need are adaptable to what your facility demands. If we cannot provide the product, we help you find the best source - AT ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU!

Customer and client satisfaction has always been the mantra of the group that manages several businesses, including this one. We belong to a Professional Group of Companies that practices symbiotic exchanges of benefits among members. One of these is to ensure that all the clientele being served are highly satisfied with the products and services each member provides.

Supportive Research Projects

The main concentration of the Program is to produce the ultimate alternative fuel for the State of Texas. The focus of the program is to use Jathropa as the the principal product to cultivate and process as the alternative fuel. Its propagation in Texas has been found highly feasible by the Texas A&M Agriculture Division.

JATHROPA AS A POTENTIAL SOURCE OF BIO-DIESEL IN THE PHILIPPINES has been the pet project of one of the leaders of this group.





We can deliver any information technology or computer products: HDMI, Audio, VGA, Networking, DVI, & Component Video Cable and any networking parts you need that will meet your specifications

We distribute, represent manufacturers, be buyers' agents, enter into an agreement to design plans, construct projects or we can let you borrow our technical experts - everything focused towards your profit.

Our image will be tainted if we deal with corporations that are not trustworthy. We partner only with firms with reliable background, good business history and have proven track records in the business world. You are doing the same when you deal with us.