Philippines among the world’s ‘mega’ biotech crop producers

Research & Development

DYNAMIC SYNERGY RESOURCES, INC. in coordination with a leading technical university in the State of Texas and a very established airline, plans to launch a project to cultivate JATHROPA as an alternative source of energy. The plan has received an exciting response from some government officials contacted by the group who will initiate the project. JATROPHA CURCAS AS POTENTIAL SOURCE OF BIO-DIESEL IN THE PHILIPPINES has been the pet project of one of the leaders of this group and will lead the project into its fruition. (Jatropha curcas - locally known as "Tubang-bakod", "Tuba-tuba", Tubing kahoy","Tubing aso" (Tagalog), "Tagumbao" (Ilocano), "Kasla"(Visayan) and Physic nut (Engl.)- The company has solicited the assistance of Roscon Foundation to assist in this research project, in coordination with Texas A&M, to make this program possible to contribute to the socio-economic recovery of the area where this product could be appropriately grown. This will impact local labor and allow the Foundation to utilize the skills of its present technical staff.