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According to the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), the Philippine information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) industry employed 776,794 people at the end of 2012, wherein it added 137,066 new jobs. This new intake reflects 21 percent growth from 2011. We have the facility to connect you to this Asian country since business relationship exists between this Corporation and an Affiliate Company with an existing branch in the Philippines. More and more U.S. firms are using this Asian country over its competitors because of the passage of the Data Privacy Act which protects foreign firms that utilize this BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) practice in the Philppines. In fact, more and more employees leave their day jobs for higher wages in BPO jobs. In addition, Filipinos carry with them an affinity to American culture which leads them to having better sounding spoken English. This leads to a stronger connection between the foreign employers and the local employees. DSRI can assist you in finding the right connections for you. Feel free to call us for information.

Our Services

DSRI provides more than simple access to drop ship products to sell to our regular customers. We come with a full set of tools to simplify the business of sourcing products and shipping them directly to you. The DSRI platform is based on a list of regularly-ordered products from our Order List hence there is no need to repeat the items – just give us the Catalog Number and you’re set!


DSRI provides services like information technology consulting and cleaning services. To sign up for a consult, please indicate your approval herein, fees ranging from $50/hour up to a maximum of $150.00.


Consulting & Cleaning Services

You have to trust a company to believe in it... to rely on the timely delivery of your needs to avoid work disruption. That's why we ensure that we pass through the criteria of agencies to qualify us as a dependable supplier and service provider.

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Number: 624015082

Direct line: (972) 262-3100.

Fax line: (972) 444-9299.

Email: products@dynasyntech.com.


Consulting Fee

Customer First Policy

We distribute, represent manufacturers, be buyers' agents, enter into an agreement to design plans, construct projects or we can let you borrow our technical experts - everything focused towards your profit.

Our image will be tainted if we deal with corporations that are not trustworthy. We partner only with firms with reliable background, good business history and have proven track records in the business world. You are doing the same when you deal with us.



We take pride in selecting the best office equipment, desk top accessories and installation devices that are not only top of the line, but are reasonably-priced as well. If you believe that you can use our company to obtain some related products for you and you don't see them on our website, please feel free to contact the staff member underneath:

Randy Smith
Purchasing Manager
Tel. No.: 214.686.1411

Email: info@dynasyntech.com