About Us!

 Dynamic Temporaries, since 1989, has focused on total customer care and satisfaction geared towards global multi-services crafting competitive results. It relentlessly engages in mobilizing resources to create wealth and benefits to all its stakeholders: from its customers, employees, resource providers, suppliers, alliance partners and the national and international community.

A company is only as good as the promises it keeps... and for almost two decades now, the company has run a very low profile to make sure that within the bounds of its small dimension - it can keep its commitments, both to the customers and its staff.

Now, with its slow growth comes the pressures of supply and demand - but Dynamic Temporaries, or Dynamictemps, has evolved into a much stronger organization with a tougher mission. In 2009, when the global recession hit, the Corporation shifted its attention to more plausible action targets. That’s when the name was changed to (Dynamic Synergy Resources, Inc. DSRI) keeping the basic missions intact but merely adding more activities to maximize its profit margin.

Our Research Endeavors

For several years, DSRI partnered with some bio-diesel companies in Houston, Texas, to experiment on the viability of growing Jathropa trees to extract another alternative to energy and produce its own plant in Texas.



This plan did not materialize on account of inadequacy in capital to pursue with the project. Since this program has been tabled for a while, DSRI is looking into partnering with some other companies that can provide a similar program but not in conflict with the original research project. There is a possibility for this program - one that would be based in the Philippines.