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New Strategies for Development

Dynamic Temporaries, since 1989, has focused on total customer care and satisfaction geared towards global multi-services crafting competitive results. It relentlessly engages in mobilizing resources to create wealth and benefits to all its stakeholders: from its customers, employees, resource providers, suppliers, alliance partners and the national and international community.
Our Research Endeavors
This plan did not materialize on account of inadequacy in capital to pursue with the project. Since this program has been tabled for a while, DSRI is looking into partnering with some other companies that can provide a similar program but not in conflict with the original research project. There is a possibility for this program – one that would be based in the Philippines.
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The subsidiary plans to put their own brands in the market by 2024. The product lines will include Wi-Fi telephones, cables and splicers, telecommunications accessories and other technical supplies needed by VOIP users. Other items will include desk tops and laptops or other materials that the company can sell cheaper and deliver faster even if production is done overseas. A catalog of these future products will be distributed to its current and prospective clients and customers which will have retail prices on them. Resellers can apply for discounted prices and bulk prices will also apply to purchases online.

We encourage education

As a community-oriented corporation, we are a benefactor for ROSCON FOUNDATION, a Texas-based non-profit organization that focuses on providing scholarship programs and school support projects.

We support the Community

To share ourselves with the community, we lend our time to teach information technology to interns of several companies in Texas.

IT Products that we carry

We have some community hospitals that rely on us for quality products to maintain their websites and client relations portals, like headsets, cables and other electronic products manufactured by Plantronics, our dedicated wholesale supplier.

The difference between a tax preparer and a tax consultant is in their qualifications. An offshore tax preparer in the Philippines doesn’t actually need any formal qualifications, as they can learn how to perform their tasks by working in a tax consultation agency. They are generally very experienced, however, and are very good at what they do. Their role is mainly limited to admin tasks that result in your tax return being lodged correctly and on time. Although they can perform audits and help to defend against tax transgressions, as mentioned above. The difference our company has among the competitors is that we have U.S. citizens retired in the Philippines with over 25 years of tax preparations in the U.S. They work for fun – not for income!
A remote tax preparer in the Philippines organises your company’s general tax forms. They can help ease the stress of preparing all your files, documents and deductions throughout the year and lodge your tax returns when they are due. An offshore tax preparer can also perform audits and defend your company against any legal tax issues. A remote tax accountant (also known as a tax consultant or tax agent) on the other hand, can perform all of the same tasks as a tax preparer. However, their higher level of expertise allows them to also guide you through the complexities of the Philippines’ tax codes. A tax accountant, therefore, ensures that your tax return adheres to the relevant tax codes, keeps you updated with the progress of your tax return, and can work with you to design a plan that helps to achieve your financial goals.
We have lawyers and paralegals in our team, too!
We will not call ourselves a One-Stop Shop like others would claim. We only accept work where we can legally do it. Otherwise, we refer you to others who can.
Outsourced Service Center Location:
We maintain a small office at 227 Block 3, Balibago Primero, Tarlac City 2300.
You can contact us at: or directly to our Executive Director at
Recruitment & Travel Agency

Our company is based in Texas, U.S.A., but we are outsourced here in the Philippines, under another name, StarX International Business Services, which is also based in Texas but not that active. We prefer to operate the alliance under the Dynasyntech LLC banner.

Our strategic location in the Philippines is very open to various types of labor – medical, scientific, and information technology. The universities in Tarlac boast of advanced technical learning, there are technical schools focusing only on technicians, webmasters and graphic designers. Being a part of Region III, the province is near to Manila, Clark and Baguio City. Tarlac also produces a lot of foreign labor material: most graduates work at Clark, Makati and top cities then apply for work abroad. Most of them pass the rigid immigration requirements of foreign employers because of their academic excellent, work performance and resourcefulness. That’s why a lot of recruiters turn to the Philippines to hire foreign workers, and having an authorized agent to represent these companies in Region III helps. Here is an opening for nurses…

We do not collect recruitment fees. We are not licensed recruiters because we have other business interests that make us income. But we are benefactors of Roscon Foundation, Inc. in Texas and now, they have an affiliate office in Tarlac City, ROSCON ORGANIZATION PILIPINAS, INC. (ROPI), a non-governmental organization that helps people. It has contributed a lot to the schools, clinics and families in Tarlac that we thought helping out in our own way to help them.

To contact us, please email us your resumes at We will confirm its receipt and communicate with you directly. We do not entertain agents nor accept any referrals. The applicants have to apply directly to us and we will forward your approved applications to our direct hiring contact. You will be notified of official acceptance and just wait for your documents submission at the appropriate time.

This is one opportunity of a lifetime. Tarlac is lucky to have a conduit here that can open the door of a foreign employer for you. Feel free to disseminate the information but let your friend or family member apply directly, not through you. Thanks for your cooperation. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, respirators — among them N95 and KN95 face masks — offer more protection than cloth masks, though they stopped short of directly recommending one mask over another. “While all masks and respirators provide some level of protection, properly fitted respirators provide the highest level of protection,” the CDC noted. (Most people use “mask” and “respirator” interchangeably, but when the CDC and medical professionals say “respirator,” they specifically mean specialized, fitted face coverings like N95s, KN95s and KF94s.)

Due to the fact that so many suppliers of these disposable masks are already in the market, here and abroad, Dynasyntech is offering to sell AT COST 20,000.00 of its masks at $0.20 per masks, valid offer for Dallas hospitals only. Purchase is on Cash On Delivery Only (C.O.D.) and can be negotiated for delivery through our company email: You can also contact our Dallas Operations Manager at, Tel. No. (214) 664 8248, Angie Bantog.


We provide search support services for your technical and technological needs. all we need are the specifications to ensure that the appliance, equipment, information technology accessory or communication link you need are adaptable to what your facility demands. If we cannot provide the product, we help you find the best source – AT ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU!

Customer and client satisfaction has always been the mantra of the group that manages several businesses, including this one. We belong to a Professional Group of Companies that practices symbiotic exchanges of benefits among members. One of these is to ensure that all the clientele being served are highly satisfied with the products and services each member provides.

Supportive Research Projects


The main concentration of the Program is to produce the ultimate alternative fuel for the State of Texas. The focus of the program is to use Jathropa as the the principal product to cultivate and process as the alternative fuel. Its propagation in Texas has been found highly feasible by the Texas A&M Agriculture Division.

JATHROPA AS A POTENTIAL SOURCE OF BIO-DIESEL IN THE PHILIPPINES has been the pet project of one of the leaders of this group.

We can deliver any information technology or computer products: HDMI, Audio, VGA, Networking, DVI, & Component Video Cable and any networking parts you need that will meet your specifications

We distribute, represent manufacturers, be buyers’ agents, enter into an agreement to design plans, construct projects or we can let you borrow our technical experts – everything focused towards your profit.

Our image will be tainted if we deal with corporations that are not trustworthy. We partner only with firms with reliable background, good business history and have proven track records in the business world. You are doing the same when you deal with us.

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Outsourced Office:
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