The vision of Dynamic Synergy Resources, Inc (doing business as Dynamic Temporaries) is to be a worldwide premier staffing company that constantly supply customer-centered and customer-driven business-oriented solutions for small, medium and large enterprises in all industry sectors.

Due to the present economic conditions the intent is to connect the United States with the Philippines is not feasible. However, it still has some technical manpower that it can supply to the local labor market. This subsidiary is tapping the possibility of setting up a business in Canada to bring over Philippine and Indian nationals in the technological industry. Both countries have been prime suppliers of labor in the international IT market.

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Our company aims at providing products and services that will optimize your profit margin. From computer parts and supplies to regular office equipment and supplies, we ensure that your company receives quality products. We will match competitors' quality of service as well.

New Strategies
for development

The world is constantly evolving - decades ago nobody heard about globalization or outsourcing. But our business partners abroad can help meet project deadlines, devise simple instruments or assist in research projects that immensely cuts down our overhead here in the United States. The broader margin allows us then to hire more local people who can perform the functions that otherwise cuts down on management time. This system has worked in years and has globally enhanced our business relationships outside of our parameters.


The desired outcome of marketing these technical people overseas is targeted for 2015 - 2016. It cannot be denied that since technology is more advanced in third world countries because of the lower cost of education, utilities and training, engineers in both countries are more advanced when it comes to technical prowess. This factor encourages employers to recruit foreign nationals into their employ.


This in turn, not only maximizes their margin of profit but also allows a symbiotic relationship among their personnel, allowing their local staff to learn from these experts. Such a global impact redounds to the benefit of all communities... affirming this subsidiary's goal to be a contributor of advancement in the field of information technology. Outsourcing has been an accepted methodology in this century.

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